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ITB Research is a multi-specialty Clinical Research site located in Miami Dade County, FL. We specialize in all phases of clinical research, from Phases I-IV. With over 7 years of research experience and numerous studies from different indications under our belt, we pride ourselves in providing valuable data while providing excellent patient care. Over the years we have gained the trust of large, international sponsors, due largely in part to our team composed of a highly prepared and diverse medical staff. Our doctors and nurses are both nationally and internationally certified and have passion for the development of medicine.

Clinical Research Phases

I. Safety

Phase 1 studies are closely monitored and gather information about how a drug interacts with the human body. Researchers adjust dosing schemes based on animal data to find out how much of a drug the body can tolerate and what its acute side effects are.

II. Preliminary

In Phase 2 studies, researchers administer the drug to a group of patients with the disease or condition for which the drug is being developed. Typically involving a few hundred patients, these studies aren't large enough to show whether the drug will be beneficial.

III. Approval

Researchers design Phase 3 studies to demonstrate whether or not a product offers a treatment benefit to a specific population. Sometimes known as pivotal studies, these studies involve 300 to 3,000 participants.

IV. Compare

Phase 4 trials are carried out once the drug or device has been approved by FDA during the Post-Market Safety Monitoring.

Source: The Drug Development Process - Step 3: Clinical Research - Clinical Research Phase Studies Federal Drug Administration

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Current Studies

At ITB Clinical Research, we strive to provide excellence, quality, and professionalism in our studies. Click on the boxes below for a description of our current studies. Click the "Sign Up" button and one of our clinical research professionals will be in touch with you to gather more information and guide you through our on-boarding process.

  • Influenza Vaccine for Cardiovascular Patients
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis /Positive ANA/Lupus
  • Crohn's Disease- HUMIRA Versus Biosimilar Drug
  • Crohn's Disease- Moderate to Severe
  • Crohn's Disease- Moderate to Severe Who Failed Biologic Treatment
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Heart-FID- Treatment for Heart Failure with Iron Deficiency

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