Our Facility

Our facility offers various amenities and the latest equipment which help make our studies more comfortable for the participants and more efficient.

    Amenities and Equipment Available

  • State-of-the-art facility
  • Dedicated work area for monitors with Wi-Fi access, printers, and coffee machine
  • Qualified staff with years of experience
  • Extended patient stay (12+hours)
  • Dedicated IV infusion room
  • Cold Centrifuge available for Laboratory sample processing
  • Storage Freezer with temperatures ranging from -70°C to 8°C
  • ECG Equipment
  • Fully equipped crash carts with oxygen and defibrillator
  • Secured Drug/Device Storage (double lock)
  • Ability to use Central IRB Services
  • Immediate access to Baptist Hospital for emergencies, close access to other major hospitals in Miami
  • 24-hour physician on-call for emergencies.
  • CME, lecture, and conference room
  • 24-hour camera monitoring and surveillance inside and outside the premises
For more information on sponsoring studies at our site please feel free to contact us.